Qaiser Brothers offers to its key customers, special supply contracts with off the shelf availability of bearings at pre-determined rates. These contracts can be supplemented by special training and other services as well depending of specific customer requirements.

Such contracts enable customers to lower their inventory costs, which we maintain for them in our warehouse. Also, since the rates are pre-agreed, valuable time is saved by eliminating the quotation and evaluation process resulting in quick availability of your bearing requirements.

Supplemental comprehensive training and service contracts enable customers to extend bearing and machinery life, thereby increasing plant productivity while reducing total production costs. Some benefits of such programs are :

1. Tackle and reduce unscheduled or emergency shutdowns;

2. Extend machinery life;

3. Lower machine failure during start-up and early operation;

4. Find and correct the true causes of failure;

5. Reduce bearing consumption;

6. Educate and train engineers, technicians and fitters; and

7. Closely monitor to ensure correct procedures are continuously implemented.

Through such programs we desire not just to be a bearing supplier but rather partners in providing total solution to our selected valued clients.